Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YES WE DID: Obama Wins the Presidency!

There were crowds of cheers, student streaming, and youth yelling "Obama" all across our city and nation when elections results came out that we as a country elected the first African-American as president of the United States (hear Valley Black Talk interviews on election night comments). Over 100,000 people filled Grant Park in Chicago as President-elect Barack Obama delivered a rousing acceptance speech that echoed "Yes We Can". Tears filled the eyes of one-time presidential candidate, Rev. Jesse Jackson who stood in the crowd celebrating an Obama Family Election Nightunquestionable victory for civic rights. Jackson later spoke to Robin Roberts of ABC's Good Morning America about the progress our country has made. "Once the walls [of race] are broken down, we can begin to build bridges". During Obama victory speech he stated that we will get there. It may be in the first year or the first term but that we will get there.

Some commentators questioned whether this election was a referendum on America's morals. Others argue with the statement that the Obama election restates the greatness of the country. This would be a great country no matter what happened but it's a better for it.

We as a country and a people are turning a new chapter in the history and evolution of America and I look forward to seeing what we will write.

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