Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Its starts today, vote Senator Obama

We will possibly mark Tuesday, February 5, 2008 as the day that will change of course of American politics. Voters all across the country will exercise their rights in the ultimate democratic process. Over the years, many disenfranchised group within our society have felt alienated from the electoral process because they lacked representation that truly addressed the core of their needs while inspiring them to look forward to the future.

The 2008 Primary will act as an opportunity for individuals like you and I to support a candidate who challenges stereotypes and will transcend the social barriers within our country. One that will inspire both young and mature members of our community and mobilize them to see cast their vote with confidence that we are on the brink of change beyond just a catchy political phrase. I believe this candidate to be presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama.

One of the defining moments for me have been the numerous calls and conversations with young black men from the hood to the college campus following the details of the election— speeches, debates and previous primaries. Thousands of nontraditional voters and supporters are joining their enthusiasm in states like Idaho and Delaware where Obama drew crowds of 10-15 thousand people. But its’ more than record breaking rally attendance, raising $32M in January alone (2.5X more than Clinton) and the endorsement of the Kennedys, Oprah, and Maria Shiver. Obama has substantive plans regarding universal healthcare, access to equitable education, energy independence and a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq war that will boost our economy, provide and prepare generations to come with a higher quality of life and restore our global relationships.

But it all starts today with a casted vote for Senator Obama.