Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Localized Community Solutions to Support Fresno Black Athletes

Black on Black Mentorship. Collaborate with local universities and colleges, to set-up an African-American male mentorship programs to provide psychology and social guidance outside of the campus environment. Where do we recruit these mentors? United Black of Men, Fresno Black Peace Officers Association, Black churches, and other local black professional organizations.

Community-campus networks. Black community organizations and concern citizens should connection to college athletic departments to create a social networks for the many black students recruited to our campuses, especially from outside the area who lack those relationships.

Black Enterprise. Invest into the athletes' academic and professional development with internship and employment opportunities with black-led organizations and businesses. Outside of the approximately 10-15 individuals who will continue with a professional athletic career, the remainder have an immediate need to focus on preparing themselves life outside off the field.

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