Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fresno 6?

Last week, during one of my regular barber shop conversations, I jokingly expressed to one barber that I was surprised they weren't in Jena participating in the protest. Straight faced they replied,

"Why go to Jena, when we have unresolved issues in Fresno?"

It raises a good question that I have posed to myself and now to you-- do we only get excited about those stories that make headline news?

Given the Valley's history of racial and social inequity, I'm sure there are many cases like Jena that receives to no press or protest but merit our attention. From to the Paul Perry lawsuit to everyday black men and women entangled in the system, our community cries out for individuals to plead their case.

Have you or someone you know experienced criminal injustice in our Valley? Feel free to share your story

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