Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson: Not Guilty

Well, well, well. It's the case everyone knows about and probably has talked about over the water cooler at some point. The verdict from the Michael Jackson was read this morning as not guilty on all ten (10) counts. Courtroom on-lookers said the courtroom was quiet, the Jackson family wassupportive, andfor the most part Michael was emotionless .

I really didnt know how the jury was going to rule in this case. Yet, I just couldn't see Michael in prison. Think about it: Michael in the prison throwing huge concerts for the officers and their families, wearing something other than his military state/princely attire, and an entourage of big black men that aren't a part of the security provided by the Nation of Islam. It would be even wierder than the already wierd life of Jackson. At the most I thought he would be convicted of at least one count with minimal sentencing (house arrest or probation).

The case does raise some interesting thoughts & questions about our society:
(1) Can wealth afford you freedom despite testimony & evidence?
(2) Are the tables of justice finally turning for men of color?
(3) How many would be out enjoying freedom if they had enough money for top lawyers and investgators?
(4) What does this case say about celebrities and those that get entangled in their lives?

Please share your thoughts & feelings.

Jackson Trial information (as if you really needed it):

E Channel Online
Court TV

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skibster7 said...

Hey there!
Thanks for a place to comment.

I don't think it's an issue of justice for men of color-- unless it's the color of money.

The recent celebrity scandals involving prominent African Americans has shown that wealth increases your chances of courtroom success.

I think the largest gap in justice in America exists now in the space between those with plenty of money/resources and those with little. It's not as much the color of skin anymore, although it certainly still exists.

Just my thoughts-- your mileage may vary.